Mazafati Date

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Mozafati Date

Mazafati date is one of the major products of Iran. This type of date is soft and is highly popular in Iran and the rest of world. It has a purplish to black color, and is fleshy, juicy and very delicious. The fruit's moisture varies depending on the harvest time and the location of the grove. Its size is generally between 2.5 and 4.5 cm.

Kalouteh Date

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Kalouteh Date

Kalouteh date is very similar to Mazafati in taste and shape but with lower moisture.  The fruit's moisture varies depending on the harvest time and the location of the grove. Its size is generally between 2 to 3.5

Sayer Date

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Sayer Date

Sayer or Esta’maran is one of the most abundant date species in Iran. It is slightly elongated, oval and typically brown colored and its khalal is yellow. Average weight of fruit is 8.5 grams and kernel weight is 0.9 grams. This date is one of the most important export figures and it is available in three types of seeded, seedless and chopped. The chopped type is used in cooking, or served with tea and other drinks.

Khasouei Date

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Khasouei Date

Khasse or Khasouei date is a favorable type. It is sweet and tasty. Depending on the variety and the area of growing, it usually appears in different colors from light golden yellow to light brown, from red to dark brown and from deep red to dark purple. Shelf life is long and it is consumable in all Khalal, Rotab and dates stages.

Zahedi Date

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Zahedi Date

This type is a late-ripening date and is grown in almost all provinces. It is also a popular item for export. Average fruit weight is 8 grams. The Zahedi date is firm, shiny, and wrinkled. Sometimes the skin sticks to the flesh and sometimes, depending on the climate, temperature and humidity, and also how much water is in the region, the skin separates from the flesh. The top of the fruit has a dark color (from a bright brown color to a dark red) and on the end, near the cap, it is buff-colored. In this type the flesh is completely separated from the seed of the fruit.

Dayri date

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Dayri date

This type is considered as a dry type. It dries on palm tree and is highly resistant to humidity. Its khalal is red and has an astringent taste. Its Rotab is sweet and tasty. It is a coarse date and weighs up to 18 grams per fruit. The color in the ripening procedure varies from green to red and from red to dark (chocolate) brown.


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This type of date is one of the most delicious dry dates. It is long with a dry texture and is generally colored dark brown. Its Khalal tends to have a yellowish and brown color, with a thin peel. This type is among the late-ripening type of dates. Piarom dates are rich in carbohydrates, protein and other minerals and have a high nutritional value.

Rabbi Date

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Rabi Date

This is one of the popular types, colored dark-brown to black. Its Khalal is red and its Rotab is greenish. Rabbi has thin skin, is juicy, with a little seed and is the most early-ripening type of date in Iran. Rabbi date is extremely popular, so that often it presells before production. This type is also used as an industrial date, and products such as date syrup, date liquid sugar, date chocolate, fruit leather (Lavashak), cookie and some beverage ingredients is obtained from it. Apart from its long shelf life, its shipping is easy and requires no refrigeration.

Kabkaab Date

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Kabkaab Date

Kabakaab date is being grown in different areas of Iran. It is a coarse date with small seed. Its Khalal is yellow and the fruit is from dark red to dark brown. This date has high moisture and weighs about 15 grams. Its Rotab, due to its attractive yellow color and its sweet nectar, is called HONEY ROTAB and if stored in -18 ° C, it has a long shelf life.


This type of date is long with a narrow tip. Its fruit is golden-yellow to light-brown and its high-quality samples are tasty and fragrant. Its khalal is sweet, so some amount of its palm fruit is being consumed in khalal stage. This type is a late-ripening.

Gantar date

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Dayri dattel

This date is one of the most popular types for export. The color in the ripening procedures varies from green to yellow and from yellow to light brown. Average weight of fruit is 4.5 grams. Adherence of seed to flesh in this type is low.


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